Performances make Dan a popular entertainer in Southern California

Thumbs Up Dan's live keyboard and vocal fun programs for seniors, also songs for holidays, patriotic and luaus, etc. Click on photo to enlarge it.
Interacting with the people and getting them involved with the music.
More fun with sing-a-longs including their own requests as well. Click on photo to enlarge it.
Performing live exciting senior stage shows as well with select music and songs from the decades they enjoy. This is from A Tribute to Broadway.
Show time! Making the people feel groovy!
Rocking the boat performing a fundraiser on John Wayne's Wild Goose yacht in Newport Beach, California. Click on photo to enlarge it.
Dan has a wonderful full time career in music, which has spanned over 30 years. His desires and diversity also include putting together what he calls his "Orchestra in Keys." Click on photo to enlarge it.
A Gershwin tribute, with former Miss America Laurel Schaefer and Bob Stanley.
Enjoying one of the many standing ovations. Click on photo to enlarge it.
Former Miss America Laurel Schaefer, Dan and Bob Stanley.

Born in a musical family, Dan was schooled and trained in music at a young age. He has performed with his Orchestra
in Keys and rich baritone voice in many states. He now settles in Southern California. He performs, produces and directs
his own shows including single, duo and complete stage shows with several performers. Dan is happy doing what he
loves and sharing his talents with the people.