Special Friends of Dan

Dan has had the opportunity to meet a number of famous people in his travels around the country and Southern California. Some of those people are shown below.

Dan, Mickey Mantle, Whitey FordDan hamming it up with Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford of New York Yankees fame. Dan wrote a special song "Fantasy Dream Come True" for their baseball camp.


Dan and Robert StackDan as Producer-Director of the Regional Hospice Telethon with Robert Stack.


Dan and Marvin HamlischDan, chatting with Marvin Hamlisch after a show.


Dan and Angie DickensonDan with Angie Dickinson, a talented actress and a wonderful lady.


Dan andn Sergio MendesDan, chatting with Sergio Mendes in Shelter Island, San Diego.


Dan and Pat with Lezlie and Buddy GrecoDan and Pat with Lezlie and Buddy Greco.


Dan and Rolly Bundock of Glenn Miller's orchestraDoing a show with one of the "Old Pros", Rolly Bundock, Glenn Miller's original base player.