About Dan -- A Special Story

"Capturing Life's Dreams In A Musical Career"

As a boy, Dan Damon recalls being quite shy, as well as having a haunting yearning inside to take in the wonders of life. Dan states his learning and performing music gradually helped open the door of his expression and confidence, enhancing his ability to accomplish his life's dreams. (Click on any photo for a larger image.)

Dan said "I was fortunate to have great parents who also saw my 'love of music' and arranged music lessons for me at the age of seven." Dan followed this up by taking as many music courses as he could. He learned theory, arranging, and advanced keyboard in high school and Crouse College at Syracuse University.

Learning to transfer keyboard harmony Here he is learning to transfer keyboard harmony into orchestra instruments with instructor Mitch Rudy at the piano.
And to the right is the greatest multi-keyboard artist Dan ever heard, his mentor Mr. Al Rando. The greatest multi-keyboard artist

After completing his service in the Air Force, Dan was now ready for his journey across the country from upstate New York to California. "I had been listening and inspired by my favorite groups from California, like The 5th Dimension and Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66', along with Marilyn McCoo as my favorite vocalist. So I packed my personal belongings, my musical equipment, with 400 dollars in my pocket to travel and work my way across the country performing my keyboard and vocal". Dan went on to say the areas he would stop and perform needed to coincide with his 'pocket list' of "Capturing his Life's Dreams."

My mom and dad= Dan says he believes his steadfast desire to accomplish these ambitions was enhanced even more with the support of his dad's letters of positive reinforcement along the way.
Dan states, "my mom and dad would tell me, and more important show me with their example, that with work, faith, and perseverance, you'll be the winner. This inner belief helped to overcome being new to the areas and finding performing work where I wanted to visit with my list." My mom and dad=

Dan Damon reached California four years later. Dan states, "This four-year trip across the country was its own 'great education.' Not only did I gain tremendous growth in performing and recording, but I met so many wonderful people through the 'universal Language of Music'. And yes! This eye-opening trip allowed that same shy young boy with bottled-up desires and dreams to open up to the people and yes, actually take in and live many of those yearning boyhood dreams (and even more along the way)."

"So, I dearly thank my Mom and Dad for their love, support, and belief in me, the wonderful people I've met and continue to meet in my life and ongoing career, now my wife's special support, my family, and God, for life and the gift of music he gave me to share with the people, making a positive difference in their lives as well."

On the road capturing the dreams= Here he is on the road capturing those dreams.

We've asked Dan for a 'list of his dreams' that were captured with his across the country trip, as well as his incredible musical career since then. It's listed in chronological order below:

1974 - See the Kentucky Derby. And he took it in. It was great! Kentucky Derby=
Recording & performing on WHAS TV= He performed in Louisville. Here he is recording and performing on WHAS TV his composed songs in a major studio, and he produced a high quality master in Nashville, as well.

1975 - To take in the Indy 500 car race. He performed in Indianapolis and saw a 'Thrilling Race' (another dream captured).

1976 - To see the grandeur of the Great Rocky Mountains. He performed in Denver and enjoyed hiking in the mountains. The great Rocky Mountains=
Performing in Scottsdale, AZ= Performing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Performing in Scottsdale, AZ=

1977 - To someday get to meet some national sports stars that he looked up to as a boy. What a thrill to meet Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and many more! He was not only able to meet them, but was also able to entertain for them at the American Airlines Celebrity Golf Tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Dan and Pat= 1978 - He has now reached the end of his journey to California. Soon after this he met Pat, the Girl of his Dreams (with a ready made family). "I'm blessed to have been married many years and raised a fine family. Pat announces my shows today as well."
1981 - Dan always wanted to put his multi-keyboard sounds into a 'lighted display of orchestral instruments' behind him. The audience could not only hear but also 'see' each song's musical arrangement. While performing he met a tech expert who built a custom relay by connecting the keyboard sounds into mounted orchestra instruments. He call this his 'Orchestra in Keys' today. Orchestra in Keys=

Whitey Ford, Dan, Mickey Mantle=Dan, New York Yankee=1989 - Playing baseball, along with music was a great part of Dan's early life as well. He'd listen and watch the New York Yankee games, growing up in upstate New York. He was literally able to meet and play baseball with the 60's, 70s, and 80's Yankees at the Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford Fantasy Baseball camp in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There were 70 campers in attendance from across the nation, along with many Yankees. He performed piano for everyone after the game at the Marriot Hotel and was honored to write a special song Fantasy Dream Come True for the camp. It was a great time and 'an unforgettable experience.' Special thanks to Wanda Greer, helping dreams come true.

1993 - He was honored and pleased to be asked to produce the Hospice Telethon for Central Riverside County, along with actor Robert Stack. By this time, he was able to use my professional experience as performer, director, producer, and songwriter to organize, bring people together, and raise funds for this special organization. Dan says "I also wrote the Hospice Cares song to inspire the event and honor my mom as well, who passed on early in my life." The song was then distributed to over 180 hospice organizations throughout the country. Dan and Robert Stack=

1995 - Dan was asked and pleased to perform for the 50th Anniversary of the end of the war in the Pacific in Long Beach, California. Quite a memorable event to honor service members who served in the past at this historical event.

Dan and Pat, Laurel Schaefer and Bob Stanley= 1996 to 1998 - Performing in and directing The 100th Birthday Tribute to George and Ira Gershwin - a tour of 37 concerts in Southern California and New York. The live concerts featured singing star and former Miss America, Laurel Schaefer, Bob Stanley on drums and percussion, and his orchestra in keys. They performed several Gershwin vocals along with the original arrangements of 'American in Paris' and 'Rhapsody in Blue', another one of his boyhood dreams.
1999 - He was called to judge the Miss New York State contest for the Miss America Pageant. His wife Pat made a point to go with him (ha). This was truly quite an experience with some very impressive young ladies. Judging Miss New York State for Miss America=
Feelin' Groovy= 2001 - Dan said "I always wanted to put together a show of some of my personal light and fun pop songs of the 60's and 70's. My selected "Feelin' Groovy" group performed several shows in Southern California and we had lots of fun with the people."
2002 - For four years, I was pleased to share vocal and stage talents with these special ladies. Our Dan Damon and the Dazzlin' Dolls Show performed in Riverside and San Diego COunties, including Laughlin, Nevada. Dan and Dazzlin Dolls=
Feelin' Groovy= 2009 - Feeling the specialness of Christmas, I was inspired to write, direct, and compose the music (13 songs) for my stage production 'The Spirit Of Christmas On Main Street' with a 37-member cast.
This was enjoyed by many people. Feelin' Groovy=
Feelin' Groovy= 2010 - Dan was pleased to duet with singing star Victoria Goodson in concert at the prestigious Redlands Bowl. They prepared for several months wanting to live up to the selected title, 'The Art of Music and Voice.' The selected songs included pop, show tunes, semi-classical and great standards, with the finale of 'Rhapsody in Blue.' Their efforts were rewarded with a standing ovation. What's more is several thousand dollars were donated to the children and senior recreation services in the area, making a real difference-great!
2014 - When Dan heard Broadway musical star Natalie Nucci, he knew he was blessed. She inspired and filled his needed link for the 'Tribute To Broadway' show. Dan said he had already worked with singing star Victoria Goodson in previous shows. He now had the perfect combination to have another great show. They rehearsed with his orchestra in keys and came up with a blend of concert and theater. They designed a song and dance show with orchestra in keys backup in honor and tribute to some of the greatest Broadway musicals ever produced. And yes, 7 shows with 7 standing ovations. What a feeling! Feelin' Groovy=

"Special thanks to God, family, friends, and fans for helping make my dreams come true." Dan Damon